Thomas Freightliner school bus FS-65 with sound, lights and customizable

# RT1765

1/53 Scale Thomas Freightliner style school bus. Super detail for this piece. Opening door, flashing interior lights,rubber tires, dually's on rear. Press down on front, headlights flash, motor starts and revs, air hiss when entry door is opened This one is a must have for your collection. Approximately 8" x 2.5" x 2.5". NOTE: Stop sign does not flip out., painted white top takes 5 days, figures take two days 

Made of Diecast metal and  plastic, Not for general child's play, will not withstand rough handling.

Included at no cost is School Name and Bus number.  Enter  in provided text box, if  no entry on your order, the bus ships as shown with "School Bus".

Now offering a Deluxe lettering option at additional cost.

  • Full Deluxe scheme Includes School name and bus number plus: @$15.99 additional
    1. Thomas, International, Bluebird (Old or new) Lion, AMTRAN or Ward Logo's
    2. DOT markings
    3. Emergency Exits
    4. Battery
    5. Driver's name on both lower sides.
    6. Any other lettering if it can be accommodated, just ask.
    7. If you have photo(s) of bus, please send.








Price: $27.99
Additional Price Options
Deluxe lettering  $15.99
Black rims  $6.00
Painted white top  $15.00
Special needs emblem, no charge 
Enter instructions for custom or deluxe lettering here

Check capitalization,, punctuation, spelling, numbering precicesly, WYSIWYG.

LOGO SELECTION for deluxe option


Bluebird old style 
None, Deluxe option not selected 
Bluebird, New style Swoosh 
Lion Bus 
Seated Figures

 Added Figures...scale figures, painted and seated randomly throughout the model.  Adhered to seats to prevent falling.

Figures look good from a distance, i.e. a couple of feet, .   Selections are additive, for example if you want 15 figures, select 10 and 5.

1 (Driver_)  $5.00
2 (Driver) + 1  $7.00
3 (Driver) + 2  $9.00
5 (Driver) + 4  $11.00
10 (Driver) +9  $17.00
Additional batteries
3 pack  $1.00
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